from love, we act…

we must find our inspiration and motivation within love if we are going to last and succeed in resistance.
what we are seeing is a lust for power and money. a grasping (though meticulously planned and manipulated) at all costs and at the expense of anyone who gets in the way. light a bunch of fires in many directions, and quickly, one after another. a divide and conquer that will exhaust us and diminish us.
what they aren’t counting on, and perhaps have no awareness of, is that Love is inexhaustible. and our Love put into action for the benefit of those suffering (including ourselves) is compassion. and what we need is a fierce compassion that is in for the long arc, knowing that Love will win.
Love is not weak, quite the opposite. and their ignorance to that will eventually be their downfall.
but it will take us, all of us, as a community – a sangha – working from our love, putting our fierce compassion into action. peacefully, but disruptively and persistently.
#MeditateAndResist #Resist #TheLongArc #LoveWins #FierceCompassion #Bodhisattva #OffTheCushionIntoTheWorld #Peace #SocialJustice #Heal #Love #PlantingSeeds

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