remember who you are…

we’ve had such a challenging past week, dear friends. i wanted to share some words and art to give you encouragement. together, with the light of our love, we can dispel the darkness and bring balance – we can do it.————————

in the thick of things,

in the darkness and difficulty,

don’t forget who you are. 

you are Love, 

you are Light,

luminous and open.

meet life with empathy, 

with compassion, 

and the steady, purposeful, 

and unshakable strength 

that comes from 

being grounded in Love.




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now is the time…

#Wisdom and #FierceCompassion from Lama Rod ⭕️♥️🙏🏻

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One of the things that drove me into activism and service in my teens was realizing that I was born into a culture that was trying to annihilate my body, spirit, and mind. I was pissed and heartbroken over this and I learned to channel this intense energy into spiritual practice and deeper activism.

Right now I am remembering and calling on all the great beings who came before me and who are still with us now to remember my sacred commitment to never allow the darkness of hate, violence, state and systematic suppression to consume me. I will survive peoples’ weaponizing of their insecurity, narcissism, and trauma against me and my communities. I will not be quiet nor will I disappear.

I am urging all you spiritual leaders, healers, mystics, intuitives, magik practitioners, and yogis to remember your power and confirm your allegiance to light, love, compassion, and community and disrupt this darkness and start acting up. Now is not the time to get more holy. Now is the time to get clear about protecting everyone’s right to be safe, happy, and resourced.

we won’t go back…


please feed your spirit with this song, its words, the voice of the singer/sharer.

have hope, abide and draw from love, and engage.

thank you to the incredible @theinterdependenceproject for sharing this.

also friends – PLEASE visit my link where you’ll find an incredible Google Doc that updates every 5 minutes with info and resources. thanks to IDP for sharing this as well 💫


Posted @withregram • @theinterdependenceproject Hymn by @thebengsons,
sing with us.

Thank you @peopletreewellness for singing and sharing.

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today’s SCOTUS ruling is about power and control…

the twilight moment has passed. the darkness is here.

today’s ruling is about power and control, about imposing minority personal and religious beliefs upon others. it isn’t about life, this isn’t a movement of love. if it were, it would include poverty, homelessness, healthcare, living wages, and education. it would include the life of the woman and her bodily autonomy, it would include the incarcerated, the life of the refugee, the life of the animals tortured in factory farming, species dying off due to climate change. it would be about war and profiting from war. many who call themselves “pro-life” would do well to take a step back and deeply contemplate what being “pro-life” really means. 

it is also clear that this desire and obsession to control and impose doesn’t stop here. Judge Thomas’ concurrent statement clearly airs the intention of this and rulings to come. contraception, same-sex relationships and marriages, and perhaps more rights, are next.

it is important to recognize that today’s decision brings trauma and harm. my heart breaks in this dark time. my heart is with you today, my sisters, and all affected by today’s decision. my heart is with all of us filled with palpable concern, worry, and fear within LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. i stand in solidarity with you, with us, and will stand, speak, and engage this day and in all the days to come.

we must not despair. the success of their cruelty depends on our loss of hope. we must hold the sadness and anger with the tenderness and fierceness of our love. we must put this love into action. that’s where hope lives, in the good and beneficial, tireless, persistent, fiercely compassionate work of people who refuse to stop loving.

let’s get out the vote. 80 million eligible voters sit out on elections. this year’s midterm elections are vital. also, let’s donate to organizations that assist in covering travel costs to those seeking safe abortion and reproductive care.

may open hearts and sane minds prevail in this time.



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sitting, breathing…

sitting, breathing, befriending ourselves just as we are, here and now. our path and practice.


join me this Saturday for mindfulness awareness and lovingkindness meditation at 10am pst. ✨

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still got time…

Happy Summer Solstice beautiful people! ☀️

may our light of love shine bright and warm, bringing benefit to all. ☀️



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healing and well-being…

there’s been so much collective trauma these past few years with the pandemic, social unrest, rise in outward racism, attacks on democracy and education. it’s tough stuff. not to mention any of us who have experienced personal health crisis, loss, etc. it can be easy to just see the wounding, the destruction, the hurt, and lose sight of the healing and transformation that also takes place daily in individual lives and collectively.

we all will experience illness, loss, and eventually death. this is the course of life, the state of being in this world. however, we are alive NOW. we can experience and connect to life NOW. we can open ourselves to love NOW. we can have some level of mental, emotional, spiritual, and perhaps even physical healing NOW.

may we never lose sight of this. when we see harm and destruction, may we remind ourselves there is also healing. may we look to those who heal. may we be ones who bring healing. may we embody a state of wellbeing. 

i offer this art of the Medicine Buddha as a reminder. there are practices that go along with this image if one is a Buddhist, but i simply encourage each of us to find the reminders of healing within each of our traditions and connect to the Source of healing that is beyond our traditions and interpretations. perhaps this image can be a reminder of just that – that healing and wellbeing are available, in this world, and within us.

wishing you all health and wellbeing.



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“Nonviolence is NOT sterile passivity, but a powerful moral force which makes for social transformation.”


Martin Luther King, Jr.

so much of violent speech and action comes from a place of fear and desperation. some of it also comes from greed and an obsession with power and often a fear of not staying in power. in both scenarios there is a basic ignorance of who we are and how we are interconnected and interdependent with the rest of life. in many ways violence is the lowest path and unevolved. 

we are called to and capable of something better, something beneficial and in line with our humanity and the sacredness of life – we are called to and capable of  love. 

love is the most powerful and transformative force, bringing forth, propelling, and sustaining life. yet love chooses non-violence. love transforms hearts and minds. there is an opening, a flowering. this is something violence can never achieve. violence brings a tightening, a hardening. violence brings harm, destruction, and death.

may we choose wisely.

may our choices come from a place of sanity and open heartedness.




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JUNETEENTH, also known as Freedom Day, originated in Galveston, Texas, when Union Army General Gordon Granger proclaimed by order the freedom of enslaved people in Texas. this was a 2 1/2 half years after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863.

ironically and sadly, here in 2022, some states including Texas are making it difficult if not illegal to teach this history due to racism based in ignorance and fear, in an effort to control a narrative fiction regarding US History. 

in the spirit of JUNETEENTH and the divine truth that a free life devoid of oppression and subjugation is an inherent right for all, we must continue to inform with the truth of our history (all parts – bad and good) through political engagement, education, and art.

of note – the US Congress with President Biden signing into law on June 17, 2021, made JUNETEENTH a Federal Holiday.



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art commissions…

interested in original zen ensos and calligraphy contemplative art? 
let’s collaborate – great for gifts and home decor. please see example of commissioned and gifted art attached. DM for pricing if interested.



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