there is still beauty hidden within the messiness…

when we pull back from our particular misery, our particular storyline that we replay over and over when we are down in the dumps, we create some space, we open a wider view.

when we do this, we access the ability to see the beauty hidden within the messiness, the chaos, and even the pain. what is still lovely and good emerges.

and in this openness of heart, we find we have the capacity to hold all of it – the messiness, the sadness, the hurt, along with the beauty, the bliss, the healing. all of it is LIFE.

we know our suffering so well, it becomes a kind of companion on the journey. a storyline we repeat almost as a comfort simply because it is ours. over time, though, it destroys us, and hurts those around us.

when will we tire of carrying the weight of our suffering?

it takes humility, courage of heart, and practice to open to freedom, to release our suffering.


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are you rooted?

tell me friend,

are you rooted?

where have you placed your roots?

how deep do they run?

don’t wait for the storm to arrive.

don’t wait for the ground to go missing beneath your feet.

time is of the essence!

find your footing and plant your roots deep in love which fuels our journey, our work, and our pursuit for what is true, just and healing.


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return to the source…

Empty your mind of all thoughts.

Let your heart be at peace.

…Each separate being in the universe returns to the common source. Returning to the source is serenity.


Lao Tzu

the world and all of life spinning life a massive storm,

sorrow and joy, pain and bliss.

so easy to get caught up in the storm, in the chaos.

how do we attend? how do we begin? to serve, to be an offering? to heal a suffering world?

we begin…

we stop.

we find the center,

we sit in stillness,

we open our hearts,

we breathe.

then we act.

we act in generosity of heart,

in calmness of mind,

in genuine freedom

from reactions and

patterns of old.

as this text states, return to the source of life, return to serenity.

life is within you.

you ARE life.


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so…..i shouldn’t be yelling, “GO AWAY!!” ?

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children in cages…

i humbly, but sincerely suggest the following response to anyone’s expressed continued support for this President, no matter their reasoning: children in cages.

there is no moral or ethical argument, especially for those who claim to be pro-life, that can justify supporting a man who sets a policy of separating children (even toddlers and infants – think about that) from their parents. there is no moral or ethical argument that justifies detaining children in something akin to chain linked dog runs, or in “camps.” think about that. there is no moral or ethical argument that justifies the President of the United States dehumanizing a group of people, calling them animals, using rhetoric that aligns himself with the worst authoritarian leaders and has historically led to genocide. think about that.

the cruelty, the harm, the suffering. these are the seeds that have been planted.

at some point a threshold has been met. i suggest that threshold has been met multiple times over and in various ways, and continued support of this man is complicity to avoidable pain and suffering. there is a poverty of the heart that leads to the priority of one’s own pocket book, there is a poverty in a view of life that is only concerned for an unborn child.

the path we are on is one of destruction, but impermanence is a blessing. nothing lasts forever. and other seeds can be planted – seeds of generosity, seeds of empathy, compassion and kindness, seeds of nonaggression and nonviolence, seeds of hope, light and love.

this begins with each of us. stand up and speak out fiercely, persistently, with love.

may we not fall asleep in this time. may we be vigilant, courageous, and attentive and aware. may we have an opening of the heart and an awakening of the mind.


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