where is our shame?

we really cannot continue to grieve Love and Life this way. when will we tire of the word “again”? 

this country and its systems are ill with delusion, aggression and violence. so ready to so easily, indifferently destroy and take life as if we ever truly, legitimately have the right to do so.

Tyre Nichols’ earthly life was a luminous embodiment of Life itself, an embodiment of Love, a sacred embodiment of the Divine. may he, no longer bound to this realm, transcend all realms, held in the Great Love which holds and heals all things. 

prayers for his family, friends, and for all feeling this so deeply.



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They’ll see how beautiful I am 

And be ashamed— 

I, too, am America.”

~ Langston Hughes


responding to harm…


in response to the harm we see, may we keep eyes and hearts open. 

may we know who, what, and why we serve.



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do no harm…


″Not causing harm requires staying awake. Part of being awake is slowing down enough to notice what we say and do. The more we witness our emotional chain reactions and understand how they work, the easier it is to refrain. It becomes a way of life to stay awake, slow down, and notice.″

~ Pema Chödrön

non-harming is both path and practice, how we relate to and move within this world. it is a choice we can make. in Buddhism it is also a vow. it is a practice we commit to returning to time and again. 

and ultimately it is a way of embodying love.



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the work of non-violence…


a practice of non-violence is a practice of bravery and resilience. it’s a vow and choice we make over and over again, moment to moment to see through the narrative and delusion of “othering” that divides and into the interdependent heart of ultimate reality which is Love.  




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sitting with darkness and light…


“Sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part.” 

~ Jason Mraz

sometimes darkness is all we seem able to see, but there is always light.

if we are willing to be still, to sit long enough with life, with our heart open, our eyes will adjust.



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the necessary work of letting go…


it can take immense #bravery to surrender, to #LetGo & #trust.

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gratitude for the wise words below 👇🏻🙏🏻

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Stress and anxiety are the children of attachment, they are both a form of craving that take us away from the present and into areas of imagination that steal away our peace.

Heaviness comes from hanging on tightly to emotions that were always meant to be ephemeral. We want things to last forever or we turn difficult moments into long lasting pain simply because we have not learned to let go. We have not learned that the beauty of living comes from the movement of change. Letting go does not mean that we forget and it does not mean that we give up, it just means that we are not letting our present happiness be determined by things that happened in the past or by things we wish to happen in the future.

The accomplishment of all great things in life take effort, especially when it comes to changing and healing ourselves. No one said it was going to be easy, if it was easy it would have been done already, but it will be absolutely worth it and the reward will be greater than the difficulty it took to get there.

Letting go takes training and dedication. Find a practice that brings you noticeable results and use it consistently. When things get tough remember that we are not building something small, we are building a palace of peace within our own hearts and it takes determination to complete something of such beauty and magnitude.

Sending love to all 🙏🏽🌎 #yungpueblo

Note: The words in the image do not apply to those with mental illness or severe forms of trauma.

remembering Thay…


a year since Thay’s passing into the Great Beyond. yet such a place is no different than the deepest depths of our own hearts , or the pristine, luminous vastness of our own mind, like the blue sky beyond the clouds.

continued deep bows of gratitude for Thay’s teaching, his embodiment of the wisdom of mindfulness, the tenderness of lovingkindness, and compassion. of engaged Buddhism.

i see his face, his wisdom, and art everyday on my walls and altar space.

may he continue to teach through his writings, the monastics, and the sangha.



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Happy Lunar New Year – Year of the Rabbit 🐰


Happy Lunar New Year 2023 – Year of the Rabbit! 🐰

a new year signifying rebirth, new birth, a fresh start – a reminder that we can always begin again and start anew. may this new year bring you much luck, good health, and happiness. may it bring you calm, peace, and relaxation amidst the comings and goings of life!



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challenging the culture of violence…


we live in a compelling time. violence is always, or should always be, disconcerting. yet here we are with political violence on the rise and threatening the state of our representative democracy. aggressive, provocative, violent rhetoric has become commonplace among some of our more extreme politicians, with little to no accountability from their leaders or their base.

there are real world consequences, though. in New Mexico a failed GOP candidate hired shooters to shoot up the homes of Democrats. election workers and volunteers have been receiving death threats for simply doing their job. and of course there was the Jan. 6th insurrection, along with other smaller, also armed, insurrections occurring at State Capitols, leading up to and following that day. current House of Representatives members who encouraged and motivated the January 6th insurrection, still hold office or were re-elected.

one particular example i find jaw dropping is Marjorie Taylor Greene. she actively tweeted out the location of Nancy Pelosi on Jan 6th, who then was Speaker of the House and third in succession to the Presidency, while insurrectionists were calling out Pelosi’s name and calling for her death. not only is Greene still in Congress, but now sits on the Homeland Security Committee of all committees. that this is acceptable speaks to how far we’ve drifted from sanity.

so what do we do? what do we do as individuals in the face of these challenges? we begin with ourselves, our own heart, our own mind. we train with them and practice with them in a way that isn’t aggressive and promotes equanimity. we embody peace in our practice as our practice. we train to allow our thoughts and emotions without the perceived need to act out of our thoughts or emotions through our words and/or actions. we “be” the non-violence and peace we seek in and wish for the world, and then we promote and support this way of living with those around us and our leaders.

may we open our hearts, may we embody non-violence, may sanity arise.


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there is only Love…


too many weaponize God, as if they could ever fully know the heart of Mystery through fear, control, manipulation, or hostility.

to dance with the Divine is to finally let go and fully open to Love.

for all the scripture picking and choosing, why would anyone choose anything but these three words:  God is love.

what else is there beyond the confines of delusion which births our grasping and aggression?

there is only Love.

surrender the ego, open the heart, and have a beginner’s mind. life lives Life, love loves Love.



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