from love, we act…

we must find our inspiration and motivation within love if we are going to last and succeed in resistance.
what we are seeing is a lust for power and money. a grasping (though meticulously planned and manipulated) at all costs and at the expense of anyone who gets in the way. light a bunch of fires in many directions, and quickly, one after another. a divide and conquer that will exhaust us and diminish us.
what they aren’t counting on, and perhaps have no awareness of, is that Love is inexhaustible. and our Love put into action for the benefit of those suffering (including ourselves) is compassion. and what we need is a fierce compassion that is in for the long arc, knowing that Love will win.
Love is not weak, quite the opposite. and their ignorance to that will eventually be their downfall.
but it will take us, all of us, as a community – a sangha – working from our love, putting our fierce compassion into action. peacefully, but disruptively and persistently.
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awake in the world…

dirty nails

awake in the world
what is this meditation?
dirt beneath these nails


December 31, 2013


solitary enlightenment is darkness
and being awake when others are asleep is a nightmare for the Heart of Love
meditation, contemplation, and prayer are all good
but to Love is to get one’s hands dirty
working for the benefit of all beings
off the mat and into the world, as it is said
this is the path of the Bodhisattva, this is the journey of a Warrior for Love


Wednesday, June 26, 2013…

ink on paper ~ ©Copyright 2011, Jaysen Matthew Waller
ink on paper ~ ©Copyright 2011, Jaysen Matthew Waller
…this became so clear to me in recent years.
I am here to Love.
YOU are here to Love.
If you need a reason for why you are still breathing,
grab hold of this one.

It will give you Life.
Today I celebrate government not standing in the way of Love.
Today I celebrate the courageous couples,
the loving families,
and the hope within so many
including myself
who can see their
publicly recognized as

equal and worthy…
equal and worthy

as it has always been.

~ j
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The ends do not justify the means…

…this quote from, dear Jack Kornfield, seems as beneficial and present as ever.

“The ends do not justify the means. If our actions will bring harm to others, even in the service of some ‘good,’ they are almost certainly deluded. If our actions do not come from a kind heart, from loving courage and compassion, they are deluded. If they are based on a distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them,’ they stem from delusion. Only to the extent that we act from the wisdom of no separation, understanding how we are woven together, will our intention bring benefit.”

~ Jack Kornfield
(The Wise Heart)

it’s time we grow up…

i don’t normally write about politics, but as it relates to spirituality and as that relates to issues of peace and social justice, which i am passionate about, i feel it is appropriate to express that realtionship here.

please read if you wish…

a beautiful sentiment…and we all know how i love beautiful sentiment. unfortunately cheapened and loses credibility knowing that the Romney/Ryan ticket would pursue a constitutional amendment to ban a group of tax paying citizens the same privilege granted other tax paying citizens to marry and fully express that love of which she speaks ~ “I want to talk to you tonight about that one great thing that unites us, that one thing that brings us our greatest joy when times are good, and the deepest solace in our dark hours. Tonight I want to talk to you about love.” ~ Anne Romney

i have plenty of friends who are Conservative and plenty of friends who are Christian. all beautiful people. and many of them are an exception to what i’m about to say and i’m so thankful for their loving presence in this world. sometimes, though, it feels as though the Republican Party has hijacked Christianity and Christianity has hijacked Jesus.

my two cents. ignore the titles and labels and look to the fruit of philosophy, the action to the words. Love does not separate and Love does not create classes of people with different privileges or rights associated to them. Love is not so fragile and fearful that it has to cling to tribalism, or an “us and them” delusion. that’s dualism. dualism is fine for elementary school religion and spiritual infancy. but there is a Love that holds all of this world in its wounded glory and it is always available to those who seek it, to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

it’s time we grow up.


~ j

August 28, 2012

quote from the Talmud…

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”
~ Talmud

…what an incredibly present reminder that we are simply instruments. opening our hearts, being present and aware, we simply do our part with ours lives as they are and have been given.

~ j