I am, because we are…

Interdependence is a cornerstone of Buddhism.  The idea that “I” only exist, because of the dependent co-arising of the elements that make “me” exist.  My human body has about 30 trillion human cells in it and about 40 trillion non-human microbes in it.  I am more “not” human, than human!  These cells and microbes aren’t “me.”  However, I wouldn’t be “me” if they didn’t exist and make up this body that I have identified as “me.”

Likewise, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my parents, or their parents, or their parents’ parents, on back.  I wouldn’t have my current employment if it wasn’t for the person who hired me, or if the person that hired them hadn’t hired them.  My food that I generally do not take enough time to appreciate would not sit before me, if it weren’t for the grocery store, the farmers, or the sun and the rain.  So, my health and welfare are in many ways contingent on elements and people outside myself, that I depend on.

Beyond these every day situational examples of interdependence, there are the very foundational elements of who we are – elements!  As Neil deGrasse Tyson has been often quoted as saying, we are related to each other biologically, to the earth chemically, and to the Universe atomically.  We simply share more in common with who we are on a fundamental level, than not.

One doesn’t have to be a Buddhist or a scientist to see this as true.  A Muslim, a Jew, or a Christian can draw the same conclusion based on their belief that all life has come forth from God (or Yahweh, or Allah).  If my life has come forth from God and your life has come forth from God – then are we not basically the same at our core, the source of our lives coming from the Source of all life?

In this perspective it seems insane if not just ridiculous to fabricate more ways to divide us from others.  But the fabrication of division, through manipulation, drawing upon peoples’ fears, anger, and ignorance is what we are currently resisting in the form of bans and walls.

We are resisting such ideology, because it is harmful.  We are also resisting such ideology, because it is simply not true.  It is not authentic to the reality of life.  The reality that all of our lives are interdependent.  The reality that I am, because we are.




connect connect connect 😌🙏🏻
remember, our resistance is not to people, but to the harmful ideology that is being pushed and enacted. an ideology of separateness, scapegoating, ignorance, fear, and aggression.
the antidote to these is inclusivity (a recognition of our interdependence), community (and equanimity), truth and awareness (or wakefulness), courage, lovingkindness, tenderness (open heart), and compassion.
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love is the answer…

love is inexhaustible.

love works tirelessly toward equality and justice, toward an end to suffering.

you don’t have to go far to find it.

love resides in the core of your being, in the deepest places of your heart, waiting to be discovered and set free.

so let your heart break open, dear friends, during this challenging time.

allow your love to flow and fuel your good work, your voice, and your art for the benefit of all.
#MeditateAndResist #resist #StayWoke #StayOpen #TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #LoveWins #NoMuslimBan #NoBanNoWall #NoDAPL

from love, we act…

we must find our inspiration and motivation within love if we are going to last and succeed in resistance.
what we are seeing is a lust for power and money. a grasping (though meticulously planned and manipulated) at all costs and at the expense of anyone who gets in the way. light a bunch of fires in many directions, and quickly, one after another. a divide and conquer that will exhaust us and diminish us.
what they aren’t counting on, and perhaps have no awareness of, is that Love is inexhaustible. and our Love put into action for the benefit of those suffering (including ourselves) is compassion. and what we need is a fierce compassion that is in for the long arc, knowing that Love will win.
Love is not weak, quite the opposite. and their ignorance to that will eventually be their downfall.
but it will take us, all of us, as a community – a sangha – working from our love, putting our fierce compassion into action. peacefully, but disruptively and persistently.
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