we got this…

Kuan Yin, also known by the names Guan Yin or Kannon is the feminine personification of Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion who hears and answers the cries of the world.
inspired by a well known statue, in this image she sits calm and steady, ready to unleash her fierce compassion. she’s saying, “I got this.”
may we all be so inspired on this International Women’s Day and everyday to join in fierce compassion, stating with steady resolve, “We got this.”

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from love, we act…

we must find our inspiration and motivation within love if we are going to last and succeed in resistance.
what we are seeing is a lust for power and money. a grasping (though meticulously planned and manipulated) at all costs and at the expense of anyone who gets in the way. light a bunch of fires in many directions, and quickly, one after another. a divide and conquer that will exhaust us and diminish us.
what they aren’t counting on, and perhaps have no awareness of, is that Love is inexhaustible. and our Love put into action for the benefit of those suffering (including ourselves) is compassion. and what we need is a fierce compassion that is in for the long arc, knowing that Love will win.
Love is not weak, quite the opposite. and their ignorance to that will eventually be their downfall.
but it will take us, all of us, as a community – a sangha – working from our love, putting our fierce compassion into action. peacefully, but disruptively and persistently.
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let it sink in…

contemplating the heavy irony of a day where people marched “for life” and a supportive President then turned his back and slammed the door on millions of lives.  a day where we remember the Holocaust, where Jews were turned away from the safe shores of foreign land, returned to pain, suffering and for many – so many, death. and now we do the same.
our Muslim sisters and brothers have been the greatest sufferers at the hands of extremists, of radicals, and fundamentalists.  my heart breaks for the dear Syrian brothers and sisters, who have been victimized by their leader, victimized by Daesh, victimized by Russian bombings, ignored by the West, and now turned from our shores victimized once again.
nearly 500,000 Syrians have died in the Syrian war. let that sink in.
to turn our backs on some people is to turn our backs on all people. it is a delusion to think that we are separate and that we can move forward in such ignorance and darkness.  there is no Christ in this, not one that I recognize.
please join me in supporting International Rescue Committee and other refugee support groups.  let’s put our voices, feet, and money (small or big) to work where our leadership has failed.
my hope is in life itself, the ground of being, the love that underlies even the most fearful, angry, dark, and chaotic of places.
may all beings be free from suffering.
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speak no “post-truth”…


The spreading and celebration of incoherency, where all facts and truths are subjective and subject to what serves one’s own agenda from which only oneself and one’s insider family and friends benefit, is a degradation of the morals and ethics upon which the foundation of civilized society is built. This incoherency, rather than mutual understanding and acknowledgement based on facts, spreads unease and fear. A society living with unease and fear is in danger of losing itself in what can be a self-fulfilling abyss of distrust and paranoia. This distrust and paranoia can lead to an increase in greed, aggression, violence, and despair. 


Though there may be no real thing such as “post-fact” or “post-truth,” the consequences from practicing such charlatanism can be real and harmful, as we are already witnessing.


Does this sound an alarm? 




Then be an unwavering, inexhaustible advocate for truth. Stand and speak up for what is based on fact and not self-serving vagary, beginning with your own speech, writing, and actions. Hope is born on the words and actions of those who stand on the side of what is authentic and true, who call upon the better quality of all people to answer that call, by example. We need these examples, these bodhisattvas, we need to be the embodiment of the hope we seek and a reflection of what is authentic and true.


A “post-fact” and “post-truth” world is a world spinning out of control with no ground beneath it.  The world may continue, but we may not. And if we do, we may no longer recognize who we are or what we have become, having only a fuzzy memory of what it meant to be human. A memory the “post-fact” and “post-truth” gatekeepers will slander, as they label it a myth.


But many of us, I hope most of us, will know better and will continue to shed a light of what is factual and true.


Stay awake. Stay aware. Bear witness. Speak truth.




get in the game…

we must be vigilant and tireless in our commitment. truth, goodness, kindness, compassion, and love require our participation. ~j

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