below are the words i texted a friend who admitted her struggle with “detachment”.  i shared with her a bit of my own journey with this along with some insight of how this has found resonance in my life.  i want to share these thoughts here as well, for you my friends…



I have had to move away from the word “detachment”. It birthed within
me an emotional reaction akin to indifference or even denial, which
didn’t marry itself well to the aspiration of working for the benefit
of this world, etc. I have found that working with non-attachment as
“letting go” or better yet, as “abiding” meant I could still care –
still be present, but it also left open the possibility that in doing
so I don’t have to be tied to outcomes or adversely affected. I don’t
have to suffer. Anyway, just a few thoughts on my experience
practicing non-attachment.


~ j

2 thoughts on “Non-attachment…

  1. I will love to continue to meditate on this little piece – it has clarity to me and can apply it to my life and search. Thanks for posting it!

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