know who you are…

in the thick of things, the darkness and difficulty, don’t forget who you are. you are Love, luminous and life with empathy, with compassion, and the steady, purposeful, and unshakable strength that comes from being grounded in Love.

[…if you want a master class in what happens when we allow our wounds to close up and drag us into a bitter anger, and then what happens when this is met with empathy, compassion, and courage, watch the end scenes of Moana. be a healer. meet life with empathy, compassion and courage grounded in Love.]



haters gonna hate, as it’s been said.

there will always be critics.  don’t be ruffled, just do your thing.  answer the call in your heart that speaks to the needs of those who are suffering, of those who seek justice, of those who are oppressed or discriminated against, of those who have been left outside and in the margins of society.  love leaves no one out.  stand with love.


breathe deep and exhale…

life has room for all of it. the beautiful and the messy. 
and your heart? 

your heart has the capacity to hold it all. 
and your mind?

your mind has the wisdom to let it all go.
breathe deep and exhale 🙏🏻
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