the Love of friendship…

people come in and out of our lives…all of them guests. treating all as gifts to our well-being, teachers to our learning, nourishment to our souls, recipients of our giving. we let them pass through with our blessing for happiness and freedom from suffering. with an open heart we say, “Welcome” as they enter in, and with an open heart we say, “Be well” as they move on. this is the Love of non-attachment, this is the Love of friendship.

~ j

Wednesday, September 5th 2012

2 thoughts on “the Love of friendship…

  1. I feel blessed to be able to share the love of friendship with a beautiful person like yourself, Mr. Waller. I always enjoy reading your utterly spectacular philosophical views. You are an incredible specimen of humanity and my life has been all the better for having you been a part of it! Keep spreading your joyous attitude to all you meet… You make the world a better place!.

  2. THANK YOU, my friend Drew!!! 🙂
    reading your kind words made my day! best to you, Yumi and little Sara 🙂 are you going to post new pics from your most recent trip? would love to see them!
    always grateful for you, friend. peace ~ j

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