the only truth we have…

the only truth we have…

all is empty

waves come and gone

suns risen and set

worlds end
as new ones begin

all of what i know
is that i don’t

whether the stars
are here
gone tomorrow

even as if they
gone today

and may be

in some

all i really see
are distant memories
and futures
yet to manifest

but i am here
in this moment
in this


breathe with me
my love


let our hearts beat
this once
together in rhythm

in the harmony
of right now

the only truth we have

by jaysen matthew waller
©2010 Jaysen Matthew Waller

One thought on “the only truth we have…

  1. Bravo! You have really put together a masterpiece with this one. “Breathe with me my love” well, the entire poem is so ripped with love, I just want to curl up in front of the fire. Light & Unconditional Love.

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