letting go of pain…


beautiful, authentic, beneficial – needed wisdom from my friend @thebrandonalter. he does such incredible healing work along with his husband via @thespiritualgayz. 💙🙏🏻

may his message and their work continue to be of benefit for all whom it resonates with. 



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Ever since my Mom died I’ve been holding more pain than usual. I can feel it stored up in my hips and my heart, like a squirrel setting aside nuts for the winter. But the difference is, I don’t want these reserves.

And then it struck me, last week, while forcing myself to do some Yoga I really didn’t want to be doing: maybe the Pain doesn’t want to be here either. 

Instead of looking at it like an enemy, what if the Pain is just as miserable as I am? What if it wants to be somewhere else too—to become something else? Surely the Pain has a destiny if its own— and it can’t live it out when it’s  stuck in my body and your heart.

What if we made an agreement, the Pain and I, to let go of each other? What if I figured out how to stop holding it hostage; just opened the door to let it go and didn’t even watch it leave? What if I turned around so it could sneak out, unseen?

Or course Pain isn’t just one thing. It can’t leave all at once. But maybe you just keep the door open, and keep your back turned, and bit by bit it trickles out. 

What if letting go of the Pain wasn’t just an act of kindness towards yourself, it was a great act of generosity towards the Pain, too?

I know, I’m not the only one holding large amounts of pain these days. So if you know how to hold the door open, if you know how to liberate yourself from it, and it from you, let me know.

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