Dr. King – Being Love in this world…


deep bows of gratitude for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this day and everyday.

there will be many quotes posted today in honor of Dr. King. they are at times beautiful, inspirational, wise, pointed and challenging seeds that can and should take root in our hearts and minds.

on this day, i strongly offer and encourage the reading of Dr. King’s autobiography to see such wisdom in the context of his larger works, longer writings, and letters. in context of history, religion, politics, and culture. in the context of the forces of truth, light and love pushing back and transforming forces of ignorance, fear, hate, and darkness we are still seeing active today.

Dr. King was/is a revolutionary of the heart and spirit, calling for a Beloved Community to arise out of the awareness of our interdependence, the ground of being which is Love, and the work of fierce compassion that excludes no one, and works tirelessly towards true equality, justice, and healing.

Dr. King didn’t just call for specific actions, he called for a way of Being Love in this world, a true prophetic message.

may his vision arise, may hearts open, may it be so.



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