presence: a courageous way to live…


“Wherever you stand be the soul of that place.” ~ Rumi

this *photoart really speaks to me. it feels appropriate for challenging times. 

even in darkness the moon still reflects light and that light can bring hope and comfort. we can stand in the midst of darkness and the light with integrity and dignity, with a sense of solidity, with a groundedness buoyed by a practice of mindfulness, awareness, and lovingkindness.  

such a way of living can be our path and practice, and a benefit for this world in this life we have. a healing force, a compassionate and anchoring force, a courageous force in this life and world.

it may not be an easy path, and we will likely not meet each moment in such a way, but we can return to it again and again as often as necessary. this is practice and practice is path, and such a path is worthy of this sacred, precious life.



#presence #courage #bravery #mindfulness #lovingkindness #OpenHeart #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #RumiQuotes
*unfortunately, even after a search, unable to credit image.

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