a clear and (still) present danger…

…in reference to the thousands of individuals who refused to go through magnetometers (mags – metal detectors) in order to enter the official rally space. individuals who were carrying weapons including AR-15s, other firearms, knives, spears, flagpoles with spear tips. individuals that Former President Trump wanted to be let into his official rally space regardless of the weapons.

he cares for no one but himself. he cares for nothing more than his own power and hold on power. he was willing to go to any lengths to keep it, any lengths to stay in office. 

many of us have felt we’ve known his character since 2015 or even before. some realized it through his presidency. i hope many more who have continued to support him realize it now through the sworn testimony from who have been overwhelmingly his own staff, family members, fellow Republicans, and supporters of him and his presidency.

i don’t know how all of this will resolve in regards to accountability for Trump and all who conspired, and coordinated with him, but history is filled with examples of people like him and what happens when they are in power. it’s never good. 

we got very very lucky on January 6th that the coup attempt failed, that there wasn’t even more bloodshed, and that democracy survived. we won’t be lucky a second time. 

i hope people are watching, paying attention, and working to keep democracy alive. we need overwhelming turnout to ensure none of these people who align with him end up in elected office from local and state level up to federal level, and that he also never holds elected office again.

nearly 100 million eligible voters sat out and didn’t vote in 2016. 80 million didn’t vote in 2020. democracy survives through engagement and participation – VOTE.



#democracy #fascism #authoritarianism #coup #AttemptedCoup #January6thHearings #January6thCommittee #vote #engage

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