remember who you are…

we’ve had such a challenging past week, dear friends. i wanted to share some words and art to give you encouragement. together, with the light of our love, we can dispel the darkness and bring balance – we can do it.————————

in the thick of things,

in the darkness and difficulty,

don’t forget who you are. 

you are Love, 

you are Light,

luminous and open.

meet life with empathy, 

with compassion, 

and the steady, purposeful, 

and unshakable strength 

that comes from 

being grounded in Love.




friends, this ink painting of a candle and it’s light in zen calligraphy style, is available for free along with other digital prints to all of my Patreon subscribers at any level starting at as little as $3 or $5 a month. for the price of a coffee you can have access to digital downloads of some of my art prints and photography, in addition to other benefits offered to each level of support. please consider supporting my art and my ability to offer free/by donation meditation instruction, as i also provide full-time care for my father who has Parkinson’s/Lewy Body Dementia. Thank you!
You can find my Patreon link here:

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