we simply can’t afford to become numb, to stick our heads in the sand. ignorance is not bliss when there is harm being done and there’s A LOT of harm to not be ignorant about right now. love calls us to be present, to bear witness, to engage, and tend to need.

but part of love is self-care.
so we must honor our feelings, our emotions that arise in relation to what we are experiencing individually and collectively. whatever arises, hold it with love, tend to it with compassion and tenderness. be kind to yourself.

then when rested and centered in love, and moved by compassion, get back up and engage this world.

years ago @theinterdependenceproject introduced me to the phrase “Sit Down Rise Up” and i’ve carried it with me as a kind of mantra since. we sit, we take care, we tend to our heart and mind. then we rise up, we tend to the world, a world in need of our love. it’s worth it. we are worth it, the world is worth it.


#SitDownRiseUp #EngagedBuddhism #path #practice #mantra #meditation #activism #OpenHeart #JinpaLhaga

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