Vesak 🙏🏻

today is Vesak (also celebrated on May 8th or 15th depending on the country/area), a commemoration of the Buddha’s (Siddartha Gautama) birth, enlightenment, and death. the day is often marked with festivals, ceremonies, etc. for me, just taking some time to meditate, get outside into nature, recite Refuge Vows and the 5 Precepts. 

as always, i sit with the questions:

-how do i abide in, align with, and embody love, rather than fear and aggression?
-how do i live in a way that avoids harming and violence and instead brings healing and benefit?
-how do i flow with this life in a way that is awake, aware of our interdependence, and open-hearted, and also non-grasping?

these questions/contemplations seem ever more urgently needed. may we each find our way to the answers and may we do so together.



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