reasons to hope…

anger and courage, speak to action and engagement. 

engagement is what gives me hope. people who are engaged, willing to see the harm, willing to empathize, willing to be moved through their anger into fierce compassion and courage, into actions to end harm through focused, persistent – relentless, nonviolent action.

when there is injustice, harm, and destruction, anger arises. however, love doesn’t stay in anger.  love’s anger moves into fierce compassion, which births courageous action to bring benefit, healing, transformation. 

i believe love will have its day and way, as long as their are people willing to answer its call and be vehicles for the movement of love. may we be such people.

such movement, such people, give me hope. 

love gives me hope.



#love #anger #courage #hope #EngagedBuddhism #path #practice #JinpaLhaga #AugustineOfHippoQuotes

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