just begin again…

one of the hallmarks of meditation practice is beginning again. when our attention drifts away from our breath and we become lost in thought, once we are aware of this, we simply return to placing our attention on our breath. we begin again without judgement or criticism. we are practicing gentleness, rather than harshness.

we can take this practice into other areas of our lives as well. whatever it is, we can take an attitude of gentleness, of grace, and just come back, returning again to our commitments, to our vow, to our choice to be present, open-hearted, and embody love.

and yes, even if it is a thousand times and more, just return, begin again.



if you’d like to practice beginning again within meditation, join me this weekend for Self-Care Saturday or Sunday or both. donations appreciated. www.linktr.ee/jaysenwaller

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