nature, a friend along the path…

birds chirping their song

to ears that don’t understand

still, i sit in awe.


when we meditate we often use the breath as our object of observation or as our anchor for our attention, touching the feeling of our breathing and staying with it as it cycles in and out. this is mindfulness. and sometimes while having our attention placed on the feeling of our breathing, we also open our awareness to sights, sounds, sensations, thoughts.

we can also use nature for this. we can place our attention on the sounds of birds or the breeze flowing through the trees, or keeping our attention with the breath we can open our awareness to these sounds of nature. and though we may not know what the birds or the breeze are saying, we can still feel a connection, and even awe. afterall, we too are nature, are life – though we often forget,- so when we pay attention to other life in nature, we are in a way also paying attention to ourselves.

nature can also be a comforting reminder that we are a part of something much more vast than we are often aware of. we don’t have to feel alone. we are a part of a beautiful tapestry, each thread a part of the whole. life is at once both intimate and vast.

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