Love = Work

if love is the answer for our long ignored wounds, our current harm and trauma (and i believe it is) then we need to understand that Love = Work.
it calls for the vulnerability and courage of an open heart. it calls for our awakening to our interdependence. it calls for our touching in on the tenderness of our empathy. it calls for embodiment, our compassion in action. it calls for a dedication to our aspiration to love, discipline in our practice, and a sense of living by our vow to love.
love is not sentimental. it is a courageous, humble, connective, joyful, fierce, powerful, in the trenches with dirt beneath our nails, healing force. i believe it is what the world needs and it isn’t something we can do on the sidelines. we must love into the depths of our lives, touching every cell. love leaves nothing out.
love is the energy we need to defeat movements of hate and aggression. love is the energy we need to dispel fear, to bring clarity, and coherence.


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