take heed! do not squander your life…

our temporary time here on this earth is in the headlines. some of our favorite celebrities are gone. Betty White at 99, Sidney Poitier at 94, Bob Saget at 65. and tragically 17 in a Bronx fire, 7 of which were children. and so many, nearly 840,000, gone from the pandemic. some ages may feel more appropriate than others, long lives compared to short ones, but for loved ones it is always too soon.

we don’t like to think about death or talk about it. this is a shame, because if we haven’t already, we will have to face death with loved ones and eventually ourselves. appropriate awareness, perspective, and contemplation of death can fill us with life. we see life as sacred, an opportunity to be shared and cherished.

we don’t know how long we have and so much time is wasted. this fleeting life here is at times resilient and at times fragile, at times sad and at times filled with joy. in all cases it is temporary. we are reminded to cherish! to live in every breath, soaking up both sun and rain. to love deeply and without reservation.

the Zen Evening Gatha is an extraordinary verse striking at the heart of this experience. i remember when i first read it, it struck me still and awake. i have a copy hanging on my wall that i read before bed each night as a reminder, a call back to this moment and the gift that it is, to practice awareness, open-heartedness, and union with all.


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