are we willing to stand up and speak up?

a post of mine from this day a year ago, followed by a quote i posted that day, some art, and some recommended reading for this time in the U.S.
there are those who dismiss what happened, who are attempting to lessen the death and harm of that day, shift blame, and cover up the attempted coup, all while still taking decisive actions on local and state levels to undermine our election laws, our right to vote, our ability to vote, the validity of our vote – the very foundation of our democracy.
the fascistic attempt to grasp power, to move from democracy to authoritarianism is ongoing. our children and future generations will ask us how we stood in this time, what we said, what actions we engaged in to stand up to the dark, destructive force of fascism we are facing.
we think of what will happen to us in this country if this democracy falls. this is understandable, because our lives will be changed, especially the lives of the most vulnerable, marginalized, and those targeted by an authoritarian regime. but I would like to pose another question. what will happen to the rest of the world if this country, the world’s most militarized, richest, and powerful country turns to authoritarianism?
there’s a lot more at stake here than our comfort.
what would love do? i’m not talking Hallmark cards. i’m talking about fierce love, the love that moves mountains. the love that parts seas. the love that descends into the depths of hell to end suffering. that’s the energy we need.
breathe. steady your mind. center yourself. keep your heart open. be rested.drink water.stay vigilant.


#January6th #Jan6th #insurrection #coup #fascism #authoritarianism #SitDownRiseUp #democracy #RightToVote #EngagedBuddhsim #JinpaLhaga #JMWart

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