we just sit…

Let go of any ideas about meditation. There is no call to be special. Drop the whole project of enlightenment & just sit. Not being attached to samadhi, satori, awakening, being a Bodhisattva. Do not separate from that which is your experience right now by reaching toward a goal.~Roshi Joan Halifax 

meditation is deceptively simple. could there be anything more simple and natural than sitting and breathing? yet, the very act of simply sitting upright and supported, open and receptive, placing our attention on our breathing, can be so foreign to our daily life, and opposite to our habitual patterns of tasking, ruminating, and trying to manipulate, control, and achieve. in this way it is quite profound. we breathe on our own naturally, but to mindfully stop and sit? it seems not so.so the teaching begins with this:Just Sit.

*a while back, i created some calligraphy with this simple and direct reminder. it is available to purchase as various prints framed/unframed, posters, pins, stickers, houseware, decor, and apparel at JMWart, my Resbubble store. you can visit directly at JMWart.redbubble.com or via my website (www.jaysenwaller.com). ⭕️❤️🙏🏻

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