i was a freshman in high school sitting on the bus to go home and a voice behind me said, “Saw you running in P.E. today. You run like a girl. What are you – a faggot?”

i can still feel it in my body. it’s incredible how the body can store such experience. this was 1989/1990 and we didn’t have a Gay/Straight Alliance, no one at my high school was “out” and i wasn’t out to my family or friends. i was alone with my fear.

so many LGBTQ+ kids have it worse, facing mental and physical bullying and abuse, just for being who they are.

things are better now in a lot of ways, more resources, more allies, but bullying of LGBTQ+ youth, especially towards our Transgender family, continues.

we may know how true it is that bullies are actually quite weak and fearful, but the harm they bring acting out of their fear and weakness can manifest very real consequences and trauma to our LGBTQ+ family who are bullied.

make the decision to speak out on bullying and stand up to bullying wherever it is manifest.

#SpiritDay #LBGTQYouth #LGBTQ+ #Queer #bullying #StandUpToBullying #WeAreStrongTogether

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