motivated and sustained by love…

if we want to sustain, if we want resilience and balance and to maintain our clarity, we must move beyond our initial anger at injustice and be fueled instead by love. anger is our reaction to harm, it is clarifying and initially beneficial, but it can lead to aggression. love, however, sparks and sustains action. love in action is compassion.

if we are not motivated by love and living out compassion, we are in danger of burnout, cynicism, bitterness and even hate. we may become the very monster we think we are valiantly here to slay.

what good have we done then?
how have we brought healing and benefit then?
have we just added to the war, or have we worked to bring true justice and peace?


#TheLongArc #SocialJustice #compassion #love #metta #lovingkindness #meditation #OpenHeart #wisdom #bodhisattvas #SitDownRiseUp #JinpaLhaga

Posted @withregram • @berniceaking By the way, Love isn’t weak and passive. It refuses to cooperate with evil.

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