Thich Nhat Hanh update 01.03.15…

dearest friends ~

for those who are new to my blog, Thich Nhath Hanh, the Zen Master, poet and peace activist whom i consider my root teacher suffered a severe brain hemorrhage in November.  for much of the time since then, although showing some response and being wakeful a bit of the day, he slept most hours and was considered in a comatose state. Plum Village the main monastery in his tradition publishes updates every so often.  this latest bit of news was a significant step forward and i am grateful for it.  please keep the good and healing energy, meditations, and prayers flowing toward Thay as he continues the path of recovery.


thank you for your love and generosity of heart!

4 thoughts on “Thich Nhat Hanh update 01.03.15…

  1. Hi Jaysen, It’s me again. While visiting in Santa Monica this past week (and away from my computer and blogging) I found a tiny book store. There were many books by Thich Nhat. Just wanted you to know that I purchased The Heart of Buddha’s Teaching by TNH. Thank you for your blog and reminding me of these teachings. I am feeling ever hopeful and peaceful as I read and incorporate.

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