6 thoughts on “my love for you, dear friend…

  1. i understand why you might think that, possibly due to the length of the writing, but it is complete. it is just a thought, written down, for a friend.

    sometimes, the simplest phrases convey the deepest emotion. don’t know if in anyway i accomplished that, but that is the goal.

    thanks for reading πŸ™‚ and Happy Friendship Day to you too!


    ~ j

  2. Jaysen,

    You were the happy surprise I was gifted when I googled PEACE PLACE. I just wanted to send a note to thank you for your beautiful words, your energetic presence and your tireless, tireless love and hope.
    I will read you daily, like sipping a warm cup of tea, to keep my heart moving in the direction of love, hope and peace. I am fondly wishing now that we will meet on the path to peace.
    with love,


  3. dearest Virginia ~

    thank you for taking the time to comment as you have. so generous and kind. i am thankful for the gracious way Life continues to connect me with other loving, peaceful souls, like you.

    Life seems to be full of these “happy surprises” as you said. the more my eyes open, the more i see it.

    wishing you all the Love, Hope, and Peace that Life has to offer! let’s keep connected.

    peace & love to you, as well.

    ~ j

  4. hmm okk thts true v need not have to write volumes and volumes to express our feelings gratitude n luv for someone…………..a very few words also describes n explains everything………….okk then take care

  5. This is beautiful Jaysen. There is so much sorrow and hope packed tightly into these four lines…

    I love your poetry my friend…


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