this is our calling…

i have been so greatly blessed these past few weeks.  a dear friend whom i only met a year ago, but most certainly have known for lifetimes, has been in town working on a show.

he is without a doubt one of the most beautiful people i have been gifted with having in my life.  his soul and his heart breathe love into life.

resting in the gratitude of having him near for this short time, i remembered a piece i wrote to him on a card for his birthday this past year.  i found a rough draft in my journal and i was taken with how much i felt this writing was for me, for all of us.  i have adapted it here to share with him and myself once again and for all of you for the first time.

peace and love!
~ j


this is our calling, this is our task

to Love
without reservation
     without hesitation

with complete openness

without security
     with fearlessness

this is our calling

this is our task

may you, dear friends
successful in transforming
this world
with your Love and your Peace

you have, dear friends
awakened my life from this
dark sleep
with your Love and your Peace

One thought on “this is our calling…

  1. thank you…it is good to see these words again, especially as I am about to return to the most loving place I know…

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