#WorldTheatreDay 2023

a day late post for #WorldTheatreDay. there’s a particular show that’s been on my mind of late due to our current heightened (and harmful) rhetoric around LGBTQ+ community and also around immigration.

in 2003, i had the incredible privilege to be in the San Diego premiere of “Deporting the Divas” by Guillermo Reyes. what a play! i remain immensely grateful to Kirsten Brandt who directed, Chuck Zito who produced at Diversionary Theatre, and my castmates, George Gonzales, Juan Manzo, and Arturo Medina for such a rewarding, challenging, and creative experience. the play traversed the intersections of being gay, being Latino, of gender identity, the cultural and personal expectations around these, of immigration, and love. it was funny at moments, touching in others, and filled noir, and the fantastical. could i have imagined just how relevant this play would still be today – maybe even more so?!

theatre is so important to culture, to critical thinking, to growth. to sit with a group of people and be moved to think, to feel, as another group of people embody a story, bringing it to life. and i got to dip my feet into drag (i don’t think i’ll ever shave my legs, arms, chest, pits, or wear high heels again 😂) i have the utmost respect for real deal drag performers. i’m in awe of them, frankly. such gorgeous, incredible artists. so bravo and kudos to them, especially at this time as they field unwarranted, harmful, politicized attacks from ignorant buffoons. and the fact that they can still do it with such humor, sass, and style is simply FABULOUS.



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