making peace with ourselves, making peace with life…


we don’t have to beat ourselves up.

one of the gifts of a regular meditation practice is the practice of “beginning again”.

when our attention drifts from our breath, the feeling of our breath, and we notice we have become lost in thought, we simply return to placing our attention on our breath and begin again. we don’t sit there criticizing ourselves, passing judgment, beating ourselves up. we simply (yet profoundly!) begin again. this is the practice over and over again. beginning again is gracious, it’s gentle, it’s kind.

we can live our entire life this way. showing up, doing our best, and beginning again when we go off track, hit a bump in the road, have a hiccup in our attention, our mindfulness, our lovingkindness, or our compassion.

our practice on the cushion, is practice for how to live, how to relate, how to beneficially be in this world.

less beating up, less aggression, and more making peace with ourselves, with life – a beautiful way to live!

path and practice.



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