the attack on education…



attempts by some forces to ban books, rewrite or erase history in their state’s educational systems.

my thoughts:

education regarding history and ideas isn’t meant to make us feel comfortable.  it is meant to promote thinking, an opening to learn and expand our knowledge, to hear and learn the reality that has and is happening. only from that place can we make an informed decision about what kind of world we want to live in.

those that want to erase, rewrite, or cover over reality, because they are uncomfortable with what it says and want to control the narrative are causing harm, not just now in this moment, but for generations to come. a harm that can further the evils of oppression and solidify power to whom they choose. an uneducated populace is easy to control through propaganda.

those who love life, who are loyal to truth, who believe in democracy, who yearn to grow and for a more beneficial and inclusive reality must resist and push back.



#authoritarianism #racism #educationmatters 

photo quote credit: @berniceaking

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