we get to carry each other…


i was listening to U2’s song “One” yesterday and these lyrics struck me. they recognize each of us as a unique expression of life, yet somehow still part of the whole. we “get” to carry each other is a recognition of how life is – interdependent.

carrying each other is love. carrying each other is mutual compassion. carrying each other is something we can actively choose to do in big ways, even as we already do so in small ways unrecognized.

our #VOTE can be a big way to carry each other. are we #voting to help others as well as ourselves, especially those who may not have as loud a voice or a seat at the table? are we using this right, this privilege, this responsibility to further kindness and decency or add to cruelty and harm?

#midterms #elections are next Tuesday, Nov. 8th. 

let’s use our voice, our vote to carry each other.


#one #OneLove #CarryEachOther #empathy #compassion #OpenHeart #path #practice #EngagedBuddhist #JinpaLhaga #U2 #U2quotes

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