a brand new day to love…


i find myself often wondering what those who are near to me and passed on may think of where we find ourselves today.

i think of my late grandfather, who as my mom has shared with me, loved history. he was an army veteran, he fought against fascism in World War II. what would he think of the dark, desperate cloud of fascism asserting itself once again in our world globally, including here in the US?

i think of my late friend, Josiah, gone from this world and life far too soon, who lived with such love for life and saw the sacredness inherent in it, who valued gentleness, beauty, openness, and creativity. what would he think of the indifference, the aggression, and cruelty? how would he see the role of light bearers in the slow creep of darkness?

may we remember the past and learn, may we see the inherent sacredness of life calling our hearts to gentleness.

may hearts open, may our light shine, may sanity arise.




#midterms #elections #history #fascism #democracy #life #love #OpenHeart #gentleness #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga #JosiahAkoyaElkins

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