making friends with our emotions…

i really value this insightful *quote, from spiritual friend and teacher, Susan Piver. i think it contains some really needed wisdom. 

so often, we meet our feelings and emotional states with judgement and criticism. we feel that somehow we aren’t living up to the saintly standards we’ve set for ourselves, but we aren’t saints. we are human beings – messy and beautiful, experiencing this mystery, learning and growing.

instead of greeting our emotions with harshness, we can meet our emotions with gentleness, with love, with an open heart. we can make friends with them. when we meet what we feel with gentleness, with love, with an open heart, we allow for spaciousness to arise. in that spaciousness, we have the opportunity to see clearly, to learn, to grow, to care, to be compassionate to ourselves, and then to others as well.

when we begin by judging ourselves, by criticizing ourselves, we narrow, we close up, and we can get stuck. when we are closed, we are not able to see in a wider view or with clarity. we are likely unable to fully learn or grow. how is this beneficial? 

meeting our emotions as friends, with an open heart and love, can be a path and practice we choose from moment to moment. the path and practice of an open heart.



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*quote from Susan’s book, “The Wisdom of a Broken Heart”

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