how else to be in this world?

how else to tend to a world in need? how else to bring healing? 

openness in heart with a beginner’s mind, is a practice aligning ourselves with life. such openness allows space for clarity and compassion to arise, to see the need, to tend to the need.

the opposite, is death. to be closed, constricted, hardened. this closing, this hardening, this narrowing brings harm and destruction. we are seeing a lot of this right now, in the fear, in the anger, in the violence we are seeing.

stay open, be curious and willing to learn, to grow, to be alive. center in and move from love, rather than fear.



#life #love #OpenHeart #BeginnersMind #path #practice #mindfulness #awareness #lovingkindness #EngagedBuddhism #ThichNhatHanh #ThichNhatHanhQuotes #JinpaLhaga

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