we can come together here and now…

i, too, am fascinated by space and space travel. i love looking up at the stars into this vast mystery we are a part of. 

however, why do we have to go to Mars to have a common goal, to bring us together, when there is so much need here on Earth? if we can’t come together to end the slaughter of children at a schools, or churchgoers, or parade attendees, then we are just distracting ourselves. if we love weapons of war more than life, then we’ll just keep killing each other on Mars as well.

let’s not be distracted.

we have the awesome ingenuity and passion to travel into outer space. let’s also make traveling to the inner space of the heart and mind, just as important.



#Mars #space #SpaceTravel #journey #OpenHeart #mindfulness #awareness #lovingkindness #path #practice #EngagedBuddhism #JinpaLhaga

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