state of the union…

i’ve avoided posting today for #July4th , because i feel there’s quite a bit to be discouraged about and mourn, frankly. more on all of those issues and their recent developments in upcoming posts.

for now, today, i’ve mostly had #JaylandWalker on my mind and the #MassShooting in #HighlandPark. where i don’t have words, Bernice King puts it into words quite perfectly.

this is the #StateOfTheUnion and it isn’t good. we have our work cut out for us. if we really want to celebrate #IndependenceDay and #democracy, THEN GET #ENGAGED AND #VOTE.

wishing peace for all departed and their families, and healing for all wounded. 

holding all of this sh*t with love. may flowers one day bloom! 

and may #OpenHearts and #sanity prevail.



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