healing and well-being…

there’s been so much collective trauma these past few years with the pandemic, social unrest, rise in outward racism, attacks on democracy and education. it’s tough stuff. not to mention any of us who have experienced personal health crisis, loss, etc. it can be easy to just see the wounding, the destruction, the hurt, and lose sight of the healing and transformation that also takes place daily in individual lives and collectively.

we all will experience illness, loss, and eventually death. this is the course of life, the state of being in this world. however, we are alive NOW. we can experience and connect to life NOW. we can open ourselves to love NOW. we can have some level of mental, emotional, spiritual, and perhaps even physical healing NOW.

may we never lose sight of this. when we see harm and destruction, may we remind ourselves there is also healing. may we look to those who heal. may we be ones who bring healing. may we embody a state of wellbeing. 

i offer this art of the Medicine Buddha as a reminder. there are practices that go along with this image if one is a Buddhist, but i simply encourage each of us to find the reminders of healing within each of our traditions and connect to the Source of healing that is beyond our traditions and interpretations. perhaps this image can be a reminder of just that – that healing and wellbeing are available, in this world, and within us.

wishing you all health and wellbeing.



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