“Nonviolence is NOT sterile passivity, but a powerful moral force which makes for social transformation.”


Martin Luther King, Jr.

so much of violent speech and action comes from a place of fear and desperation. some of it also comes from greed and an obsession with power and often a fear of not staying in power. in both scenarios there is a basic ignorance of who we are and how we are interconnected and interdependent with the rest of life. in many ways violence is the lowest path and unevolved. 

we are called to and capable of something better, something beneficial and in line with our humanity and the sacredness of life – we are called to and capable of  love. 

love is the most powerful and transformative force, bringing forth, propelling, and sustaining life. yet love chooses non-violence. love transforms hearts and minds. there is an opening, a flowering. this is something violence can never achieve. violence brings a tightening, a hardening. violence brings harm, destruction, and death.

may we choose wisely.

may our choices come from a place of sanity and open heartedness.




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