Memorial Day 2022…

the cost of war is too high to estimate. although at times, war may be necessary when no other option is available to end an even greater harm and destruction, it is always a failure of our species, that we descend into war. we should meditate on this.

in some ways we all bear the cost of war, with collective trauma, but no one bears the cost and trauma of war more than those and the families of those who have sacrificed their lives in service. to them we should offer our deepest prayers and heartfelt gratitude. 

the willingness to serve and offer up one’s own life for the protection and welfare of others is an immense selfless act. and it is to them and our children that we owe our pledge to work tirelessly for peace and an end to all conditions that lead to war. 



#MemorialDay #war #NoWar #peace #sacrifice #gratitude #reflection #meditation #JinpaLhaga #JMWart

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