engaging from a space of connection…

we are all connected. all life is connected. this is why so many of us believe in prioritizing gun reform, poverty, hunger, universal healthcare, peace, climate change, along with other causes. to act as if we are individual and separate is to act in opposition to the reality we live in, contrary to life itself. this disharmony is destructive and harmful. and to be aware of the harm, to see the destruction happening, while those in power either do little to nothing to address the harm, or even add to the harm, is deeply unsettling.

how to remain steady, resilient, and clear within such insanity?

this is what we practice for, so in that in rough, violent seas, we can remain buoyant, able to breathe, and still see the horizon. the horizon is still present, the ability to breathe and float are still present.

allow time for nature.

allow time for silence.

allow time for relationships.

allow time for service.

allow time for love.

invest in connection. this is how we know what connection is when so much is disconnecting around us. we recognize love, we recognize clarity, and harmony by practicing love, clarity, and harmony. and when we practice in this way, when we can see the abiding power of love that pervades, when we feel connected, we have less fear, we have less anger, and then we have less aggression, violence, and harm.

we need to engage in such a way that is healing, harm ending, and beneficially transformative, in a way that recognizes our interconnection with all life and then honors it, even while others engage in harm.

we can do it. we need to do it, if we want to survive, if we want future generations to survive. 



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