healthy boundaries is a practice…

a really beneficial story and wise advice from Sharon Salzberg below.

this is one i’m still learning. remembering that we must include ourselves in our compassion as well as others. that compassion includes the whole situation and sometimes includes healthy boundaries. most situations aren’t perhaps as big or vital as the one referred to in the Dalai Lama story below. in any case though, healthy boundaries can be challenging for many of us and some situations make it even more challenging. my current circumstances make it near impossible, but setting healthy boundaries – even small ones – can be a beneficial practice and can be an act of compassion for oneself and also for others. when we don’t, it can lead to frustration, stress, anger, and even resentment, all of which add to suffering for ourselves and others. 



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Posted @withregram • @sharonsalzberg Compassion needn’t be divorced from insight and intelligence. For example, it doesn’t always mean reconciliation. We can remain apart from someone while still having compassion for them. I can remember when a longtime student of the Dalai Lama asked him, great vessel of love and compassion that he is, if she should go see her mentally ill mother, who had been a danger to her physical well-being in the past and who was now asking to see her. “You should offer your mother a tremendous amount of lovingkindness,” advised the Dalai Lama, “from a distance. It’s not safe to go see her.”

[Image Description: Photo of graffiti hearts with white box superimposed with text reading, “Compassion needn’t be divorced from insight and intelligence.”]

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