holding a wider view…

a practice.

we should allow for balance. not just for our own well-being, but also for the well-being of others.

it is helpful to take a wider view. to recall that even at night the sun is still shining, that the impermanence of life means there is opportunity for conditions to change resulting in better outcomes. that if we look closely, we will see love making its way through hearts in this world – the open ones, humble in spirit. if we look closely, we will see that even the slightest crack can let light in.

life is movement, even though all may feel stuck. nature shows how life flows. we are part of nature, so we should get out into it and be reminded of who we are. 

we honor life and each other by bearing witness. so yes, we must bear witness to the harm, to all that pulls on the shroud of darkness to cover this world, while working for destruction. but we must also bear witness to all that is gentle and kind, warm and luminous, to all that embodies love and inspires compassion.

it is important recognize love, to name it, to give it voice. it is important to do so.

we can make this a practice. we can simply sit and recall that which is good and beneficial in our lives, as part of our meditation, or by saying them out loud, or journaling them into recognition. 

there is goodness. there is kindness. there is beauty. there is love.



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