flexibility can be our superpower…

this Charles Darwin quote is quite Taoist and Buddhist. 

in a reality that is foundationally one of constant change and movement, which is what life is, the capacity to let go, to adapt, to be flexible, provides the opportunity to be free and happy. 

it is our resistance to change that causes us so much suffering, our seeming inability at times to loosen our grip, to release our grasp. 

we simply can’t hold onto change. just as we can’t hold onto life, we can only experience it and choose to flow with it. this can be very challenging and scary. we have patterns of thought that are built on survival and seeking a sense of security. surely though, it has been our ability to adapt as a species, that has brought us to where we are today. with all the challenges that face us now, are we willing to release our grasp and adapt further? the future of our planet will depend on it. but so does every other aspect of life, including our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves.

with meditation practice, we engage this by starting with ourselves, just right where we are in this moment. sitting, breathing. just being aware of our sitting and breathing, we see constant movement and change. the breath comes in – this is life. the breath goes out – this is death. then life again and so on. we notice sensations and feelings arise and fall away. constant change and movement – even in stillness. this is life. so, we practice just being with this life, paying attention to it, but also not holding on tightly, and not pushing away. this provides an opportunity for spaciousness to arise and from that spaciousness, we can choose how we want to live and what choices we want to make. 

this flexibility, when embraced and practiced, can be our strength, our super power.



if you’d like to practice meditation with me, please join me for Self-Care Saturdays at 10am for a 1 hr group session. no previous experience necessary. sessions are free or by donation. $10 suggested. 
link: https://linktr.ee/jaysenwaller

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