a force for healing…

“We can get greater energy out of love and joy than out of hatred. Hatred is so off balance. You blow your adrenals in one minute, then you’re shaky and weak. But if you’re joyful, you’ll get an endless source of energy.” 

~ Robert Thurman

may we find a way, a path, a practice that moves us in concert with love and joy. this love and joy, are not just life-giving, they are life. we should incorporate practices that attend to this, where we soak in nature. maybe a hike, maybe a morning coffee or evening tea sitting outside. just there listening. feeling, breathing. this too is meditation, this is presence.

from such a place, feeling connected with life, feeling the joy of being alive in this moment, opening our hearts and letting our love rise from the depths of our true nature, flowing out to a world in need, we can be energized to do good and beneficial work. healing work.

this is the antidote to our time, where fear drives a compulsion to close up hearts, to tighten, to manipulate, to control, to abuse, to marginalize and target with aggression and violence. they hate and push others to hate. hate is insatiable and devours, destroys all. it is the opposite of love; it is the opposite of life.

we can choose a different path and we can allow life itself to support us.



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📷: Tibetan Medicine Buddha Prayer Flags hanging in my residence.💙
“Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha”

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