relaxing into the moment…

instead of chasing after an endless stream of thoughts coming and going, we can learn to relax into the moment and simply allow thoughts to arise and fall away. when we do this, when we stop the chase and practice just being with the moment as it is, we allow the opportunity for spaciousness to arise. in this spaciousness, life has the opportunity to reveal itself to us in a genuine, personal way. this is a practice and a generous way we can approach our lives.

also, it just kind of feels good to simply allow thoughts to be and not feel compelled to constantly chase after them. whew! one less burden to bear 😉



if interested in learning meditation or sitting and practicing together, join me this weekend for Self-Care Saturdays & Sundays at 10am PT. sessions are free or by donation. $10 suggested. you can find the Zoom links here:

#thoughts #thinking #stream #presence #spaciousness #generosity #mindfulness #awareness #meditation #path #practice #haiku #JMWart #JinpaLhaga

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