love is right here…

life gives us what we need to grow and develop, to continually open our hearts, to cultivate our awareness, our attention, our empathy, tenderness, and compassion. 

it is a journey into our heart, into our own life, and all life around us. can we see with clarity the beauty and brokenness? the pattern of arising and falling away? can we love the brokenness just as much as the beauty? can we love the loss as much as the gain?

both the beauty and brokenness, the arising and falling, the gain and the loss, call for our love.

this is the practice. opening to life, opening to love, right here.  looking deeply and seeing the abiding love that is within and without. love is the wave and also the ocean that carries the wave to shore and back out to sea.



#love #life #awareness #attention #meditation #OpenHeart #path #practice #JinpaLhaga

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