where else?

we are here. now. just this moment, these feelings, these thoughts, this health, these relationships, this state of world. where else can we go? where else can we practice our love, our compassion, our patience, our tenderness, our curiosity, our bravery? where else can spaciousness and awareness arise? where else can life be? 

the past is a ghost, the future is a dream. the present is life. if we want to live, we engage our lives here, where we are, in this moment, with how we feel, what we are thinking, who we are with, and on and on. this is the practice, returning to this moment, offering our attention to it, offering our open heart to it, offering our life to it.



want to practice together? join me for Self-Care Saturdays & Sundays this weekend at 10am PT. free or by donation. $10 suggested. 

link: https://linktr.ee/jaysenwaller

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